How it Works




Which family will you collect first? The Monkey Family, the Cat Family, the Owl Family, etc.?

You can even collect the members of our sports teams. We have a Hockey Team and a Soccer Team made up of the various members from each My Earth Animal Family.

To make it more interesting, and to have the chance to play the classic card game “Old Maid“, make sure to collect Katsumi – My Earth Animals version of the Old Maid.


Start collecting and trading cards today. There are so many benefits that your children get when it comes to trading cards. A few of these benefits include:

  • It helps keep them off electronics –

As kids get older, they tend to be drawn to video games, tablets, and more. Trading cards keeps them interested in something tangible, and helps keep kids off of electronics.

  • It gives children something in common with each other –

Trading cards helps connect children. It gives them something to talk about.

  • Children learn how to be responsible for their items –

Kids love collecting trading cards and putting them in binders, or somewhere to keep them safe. When they bring them somewhere, like to a friends house or to school, they learn the risk of leaving them somewhere or having their cards get ruined. It is a great way to teach them responsibility because they begin to enjoy taking care of their own things.

These are just a few examples of the benefits for Kids collecting trading cards. If you are looking for ways to help teach your children, consider adding My Earth Animals trading cards to their list of things to do.