Our Story

Hello, and welcome to the Earth Animal family. This idea came to us as we watched our youngest son feel left out by the complexity of most trading cards. We noticed he couldn’t read the cards and didn’t fully understand their purpose, but loved the aspect of trading them.

We wanted to create a set of trading cards that were simpler and Earth Animals was born.

Dave and I started working with this idea:

What if kids collected cards of their favourite animals and those animals were also participating in a variety of activities, including sports, arts and things we do at home everyday like cooking, baking and playing games?

Our children spend a lot of time and effort learning new skills and activities, so what if the characters on these trading cards could celebrate the things our kids love to do?

We wanted to create something that was pure and kind, emphasizing the simplicity of play. No winners and losers, just trading and sharing. As parents, we know this is a precious small window in time, where joy comes from the act of play itself.

We want the children to see themselves in the cards they collect. They will gravitate towards certain animals, based on the look, or the activity, or the message that goes with each animal.




Collect: Collect cards and assemble Earth Animal families and Earth Animal teams

Trade: Trade your cards with your friends and siblings

Play: With your duplicate cards you can build your own personalized Go fish, Old Maid or Matching game 

Created with love, these animals have their own distinct personality statement: Who they are, their unique qualities and characteristics that make them special. Just like every child.

These animals are now a part of our family and we hope you will make them part of your family too!